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MHP Stainless Steel Warming Rack For WNK Grills GGTS

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The Modern Home Products Stainless Steel Warming Rack for WNK Grills

  • Fits: WNK, WHRG & W3G Grills
  • Stainless Steel
  • This swings when the lid opens and closes
  • Size: 26.5" wide X 7.75" deep

Here are some great ways to make use of the warming rack on your grill!

  1. Keep grilled items warm – The warming rack is a great place to put your grilled food when it’s ready or almost ready while finishing up other items on your grill. Move food to the warming rack to get them out of the or just keep warm.
  2. Secondary grilling area – Many times while grilling, you may be grilling items that require direct, high heat like steaks. You may also want a baked potato or onions & mushrooms with your steak though. The warming rack is a great place to put items that take a bit longer to grill that don’t require the direct, high heat of your grill. To utilize the warming rack simply wrap some seasoned veggies in foil with an oil of choice and allow to slow cook.
  3. Flare-ups – Who hasn’t experienced the occasional flare up when grilling fatty or greasy foods like burgers & brats. When you don’t have anywhere else on your grill to move these items until the flare-up dies down, try moving them to the warming rack until the flare-up burns itself out.
  4. Bun warming station – Who doesn’t love a nice warm toasted bun for their burger or hot dog. Your warming rack is the perfect spot to achieve just the right amount of toasty goodness without burning your buns.

Cleaning your warming rack 

On the Grill…

  • Preheat your grill for 15 minutes with the lid closed or until the warming rack is warmed up.
  • Use a brass bristle brush or balled up aluminum foil to scrape and clean your warming rack when it is hot.

Off the Grill…

  • Use hot soapy water to soak your grids and then use a nylon scrubby pad.
  • Use oven cleaner like Easy-Off as directed to clean caked-on clumps of food and residue off your warming rack. Once you have cleaned off the build-up make sure to wash them with hot soapy water and a nylon scrubby to remove any additional debris.
  • You can put the warming rack into a large black plastic garbage bag, add enough vinegar to cover your grids, seal the garbage bag and then place it in the hot sun for several hours. When you take the rack out you can wash them with hot soapy water and a nylon scrubby to remove any additional debris.

If a bristle brush is used to clean any of the grill cooking surfaces, ensure no loose bristles remain on cooking surfaces prior to grilling.
It is NOT recommended to clean cooking surfaces while the grill is hot.


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