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Ella's Bubbles Laydown 32"x72" Walk-In-Bathtub LA3272

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Ella's Bubbles Laydown72 walk-in bathtub measures 32” wide and 72” long and is specifically designed for taller or larger bathers who need more room than the limited standard 60” bathtub. The unique vertical tub wall design offers a wider interior floor space opposed to that of a standard curvature of conventional bathtubs. 

This walk-in tub accommodates bathers who struggle stepping over the high threshold of a standard bathtub. The Laydown72’s centered inward swing tempered glass door, a low step-in threshold, and textured floor, will reduce the chances of tripping and slipping when standing in, showering, and entering or exiting the tub.

The Lay Down 32” x 72” comes with a Single 2” Drain with emergency pull up chain.  The 2” drain outlet can be connected to the standard 1 ½” house drain with piping selected by a professional plumber. The selection of drain pipe configuration and the pipes and fittings are up to the homeowner or licensed plumber.

The Hydro Massage System includes: a hydro pump with an in-line water heater, eco-friendly ozone sterilization system, hydro massage intensity dial control, and strategically positioned hydro jet system for targeted and effective massaging.  The Ella 32” x 72” has eight (8) strategically placed hydro jets in order to deliver optimal therapeutic relief. These jets provide relief to your back, hips, thighs, feet and calves. The in-line water heater helps maintain the water temperature at constant level while bathing. The ozone sterilization system is the most eco-friendly, chemical free disinfectant that can eliminate a wide variety of inorganic, organic, and microbiological bacteria. The sterilization system is especially helpful in eliminating odors and hygienic maintenance. The in-line water heater and ozone sterilization automatically engage when the hydro massage push control is pressed down when turning on your jets. The hydro massage intensity dial control allows you to adjust the strength of the water stream by adding more or less air into the hydro system.

The Air Jet Massage System includes an air pump with a 3-speed variable push control, strategically positioned air jets for optimal therapeutic relief, and an auto-purge to maintain an air system free of any build ups. The Air Massage System’s most popular control system is the on/off push control because the buttons were designed to rise above the deck in order to make it easier to push. The 32” x 72” has twenty (20) strategically placed air jets that pull in air and blow it into the water to create a gentle, relaxing massage. These fixed flat jets work to provide relief to your back, hips, thighs, foot, and legs. The Air Jet Massage System also includes an auto-purge feature. This feature engages automatically 20 minutes after the pump has been turned off to purge water out of the air jet lines. The auto-purge will run for 120 seconds to ensure your system is clear and free of moisture and excess water helping to prevent the mildew buildup.

Shower Screen NOT included.  See tub with shower screen here.


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