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Hot Rock Saunas for Sale

Traditional Hot Rock Steam Saunas on Sale Now

Here are some of our best selling hot rock saunas!

  1. SunRay Southport 3 Person Traditional Sauna 300SN
    SunRay Southport Traditional Hot Rock Steam Sauna composed of light wood, 2 side windows, and a glass window in the door set on white background

    The interior width is a generous 65 inches on the Southport enabling you to recline in ease or use the space to share your sauna session with friends or loved ones.

    The 3.5kW Harvia heater produces temperatures up to 170 degrees while the included water cask and spoon allow you to add water to the heater stones to get to your desired humidity level.

  2. Enlighten Sauna SaunaTerra Dry Traditional MoonLight 2 Person Outdoor Sauna

       Enlighten Sauna Moonlight Dry Traditional Wooden Sauna with small window in door and a Peak Roof on white background

      This is an outdoor sauna with traditional features that combines sleek design and comfort. As a traditional sauna, it uses electric heaters from Harvia to warm the air for those much-needed sweat sessions.

      At a powerful 4.5 kW, this sauna kit can maintain the temperatures you need even when the temperatures are low right outside.  Or you can get this exact sauna room with infrared heaters too and have both technologies on hand.

    1. SunRay Sauna Baldwin 2 Person Traditional Sauna HL200SN

       SunRay Baldwin Traditional Hot Rock Steam Sauna set on white background

      The Baldwin is such a great classic option.  It's only 3.5 x 5 feet, so it's easy to find a spot to place this 2 person model.

      Standard features also include a thermo-hygrometer for displaying the humidity level, ergonomic seating for comfort and convenience, interior lighting, ventilation system and a cabin constructed of natural Canadian Hemlock wood for a durable yet naturally appealing decor.

    2. Dundalk Canadian Timber Tranquility Barrel Sauna CTC2345W

       Dundalk Canadian Timber Tranquility Barrel Sauna CTC2345H with Harvia M3 wood burning heater installed out the back set on a wooded property with stone steps leading to the door, a small wood pile to the right, and a wood chopping block and ax to the left

      Now introducing Dundalk Canadian Timber Barrel Saunas!  Barrel Saunas are a great addition to your property and the Canadian Timber Sauna Kits make build up straight forward.

      The Tranquility Sauna is 10 feet long with enough space for two to lay down completely flat on the included benches.  Don't forget to add the heater of your choice a Harvia 6 KW or 8KW electric unit or an M3 wood burning unit.