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Harvia 15.7kW Linear 22 Green Flame Series Wood Sauna Stove WKLI22GM

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The Harvia GreenFlame 22 is a timeless and elegant black wood-burning stove that features a large glass door to create a unique atmosphere that highlights the fire beautifully. The GreenFlame 22 stove is best suited for medium-sized saunas up to 635 cu. ft. and boasts 70% lower emission levels thanks to the GreenFlame technology.

Requires a minimum of 88 lbs of stones, sold separately.

The stove is perfect for medium-sized saunas and boasts lower emission levels thanks to the GreenFlame technology. GreenFlame ® ensures a controlled burn, reliable operation and a long life for your stove. The stones of the WKLI22GM stove heat the entire sauna quickly, offering enough heat even for the most demanding sauna bathers. Linear GreenFlame represents pioneering quality in sauna heater technology.

The heart of the heater is a fully updated GreenFlame ® fire chamber, which has been designed with clean combustion in mind. The new fire chamber reduces the particulate emissions generated by wood combustion by 20% and carbon monoxide emissions by 70%. The updated GreenFlame fire chamber is an element in Harvia’s determined development efforts towards cleaner combustion and emission reductions. As a long-term goal, Harvia has decided to cut the particulate emissions of wood-burning stoves by half.


  • Durable steel structure and replaceable internals ensure a long service life 
  • Wood-burning 
  • 15.7 kW
  • For sauna rooms from 317 to 635 cu. ft.
  • Requires a minimum 88 lbs of stones (2 boxes-AC3020) 
    • Please note that each natural stone is unique in shape and size. We recommend purchasing an additional box of sauna stones to allow you to choose the highest quality of stone for fit, form, and function (Additional freight chargers will apply).
  • Floor-vertical installation
  • Large glass door and advanced combustion technology to ensure a clean burn and long service life
  • The matte black color and elegant design create a modern look in the sauna
  • The adjustable frame legs facilitate installation and ensure stability
  • Linear protective walls 
  • Designed, engineered, and made in Finland 
  • 20% lower particulate emissions and 70% lower carbon monoxide emissions
  • Dimensions: 17.72" W (450mm) x 20.08" D (510mm) x 30.31" H (770mm)
  • 2-year warranty (Consumer use)


  • Heater 
  • Glass Door 
  • Fastening Kit 
  • Installation and operating instructions 


Model WKLI22GM
Kilowatt Rating 15.7 kW
Main material Steel
Primary Fuel Wood
Stone sizes 10-15 cm
Width 17.72" (450mm)
Depth 20.08" (510mm)
Height 30.31" (770mm)
Weight 133.16 lbs. (60.4 kg)



Harvia AC3020

See Installation and Operation Manual
See Data Sheet
See Declaration of Performance

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