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Canadian Spa Toronto Special Edition (10HP) 6 Person 44 Jet Hot Tub KH-10143

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The Toronto SE is the perfect, family friendly solution to accommodate 6 people. Diverse seating options, including a full-length lounger, a three-seater bench, and a deep captain's chair, ensure that everyone finds their sweet spot for relaxation. 

With 44 adjustable and interchangeable hydrotherapy jets powered by two robust 16.4 A pumps, the Toronto SE delivers a deep tissue massage that soothes sore muscles and joints, offering a therapeutic escape right in the comfort of your backyard. The integration of Glacier filtration and a built-in ozone generator guarantees crystal clear water with minimal effort, allowing you to sit back and indulge in your spa experience rather than being burdened with maintenance.

The Toronto SE stands out for its unbeatable value, merging generous seating capacity with luxury features and elegant design. Perimeter LED lighting, built-in Bluetooth audio, aromatherapy, and the soothing sound of a cascading waterfall converge to create an immersive sensory journey, enhancing the ambiance of your outdoor space.

Designed with your convenience and peace of mind at its core, the Toronto SE Hot Tub is the epitome of stress-free luxury. Featuring synthetic wood panels, a locking hardtop cover, and energy-efficient insulation tailored for the coldest winter climates, this spa promises low maintenance and high performance. Embrace the tranquility and joy of spa ownership with the Toronto SE Hot Tub, your stress-free solution to a bustling life. It’s more than a spa—it’s a haven for relaxation, family time, and rejuvenation, built to take care of you as you take a break from the everyday.


  • Latest digital controls from Balboa
  • Two 16.4 amp, 5 horsepower pumps deliver a strong hydrotherapy massage that will be sure to soothe tired muscles
  • Multi-level seating including a full-length, no-float lounger and a deep captains chair you can fully submerge your shoulders in
  • Air venturi valves to vary the water jet pressure
  • Perimeter multi-coloured LED mood lighting, cascading waterfall, and built-in aromatherapy canister
  • Upgraded entertainment system equipped with speakers, digital MP3 audio and Bluetooth audio stream sound systems 
  • Multiple style seat variations including a No-float lounger with adjustable directional and massage jets
  • Glacier filtration system – includes Glacier Antimicrobial silver ion embedded filters, an Ozone generator, Mazzei injector and Ozone mixing chamber which ensures crystal clear water. Our tubs are also UV ready­­
  • Blackout insulation - Insulated with high-density closed cell foam, foam curtain and infrared reflective material lining each of the cabinets
  • 44 adjustable and interchangeable hydrotherapy jets and air control valves allow you to completely customize your hydro-massage
  • AO3P enabled, UV bulb sold separately

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