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Meditub 30 x 60 White Step-In Bathtub 3060SI

Drain Position

Made to Order

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Step-In's provide a safe and independent bathing experience. Using the latest in tub crafting techniques and industrial grade materials Step-In Tubs offer an impressive line to meet your specific needs. With ADA compliant designs and features, Step-In Tubs offer the satisfaction and peace of mind needed to truly enjoy a luxurious soak or a vibrant, soothing experience.

Key Features

  • Removable front access panels for maintenance
  • Faucet sold separately
  • Tile flange not included
  • White Finish and color matching trim
  • Left side drain with right side blower placement or Right side drain with left side blower placement.
  • Cable operated waste and overflow
  • High grade marine fiberglass with acrylic coating
  • Solid stainless steel frame with 8 laser precision support points
  • Safe for bathing salts and aromatic oils for a deep, relaxing soak
  • Designed for an alcove style installation
  • ADA compliant safety grab bar and low threshold entry
  • Advanced GE water seal backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Built-in grab bar for added safety and stability
  • Slip resistant textured flooring for safety and comfort
  • Inward swinging door
  • 7 in. Threshold
  • Follows and meets the standards for UL, CSA, ANSI and IAPMO

Optional Features:
Bathtub comes in soaking, air jet, whirlpool packages.

The Soaking Package comes with left and right side drain placement. Soaking bathtub for a deep, full body experience.

The Air Jet Package comes with 16 air bubble massage injectors powered by a 1HP air blower and pneumatic button control. Air jetted for a smooth massaging experience.

 The Whirlpool (Hydro Massage) Package comes with 6 directional and adjustable water jets powered by a 1HP pump and pneumatic button control.  A friction heater maintains water temperature for extended warmth and comfortable bathing with no extra power needed to operate. Water jetted for a vibrant massaging experience.

See manual, specification and warranty 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Shellie Watkins
We do like the tub but...

The first one we received was damaged, the second one we received looked nothing like the tub we ordered, we were expecting a large, wider, plain looking tub with no panels. The back jets are too high for the tub and the water overflow, to get the jets to where they are not splashing the front wall the water needs to be pretty high but... the over flow is lower and than where the water needs to be and the water starts draining out, and it drains really load. We have adjusted the jets and the jet pressure but we haven't been able to turn the pressure knob since the first time.
The jets are on left side only, luckily its my left side that gives me issues, but its the opposite for my daughter since her accident. The tub is a little small for her, she's 5'7 with long legs, and she has to use a cushion to sit on because the texture of the tub is very uncomfortable on her tailbone but she also uses a bench and showers on days she's having trouble getting down into the tub.
We do like that it drains out super fast, less than 90 seconds so we don't get cold waiting to open the door to walk out.
For the price I think we have a decent walk- in jetted tub.