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Bromic Heating Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable 500 Propane Heater | 120V BH0510001

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Powerful yet easy to relocate, Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas Portable Heaters lead the way in outdoor infrared heating, allowing you to create warm and inviting spaces in any outdoor, semi-outdoor, or patio environment.

Equally a piece of modern art and a revolutionary leap forward in portable outdoor heating, Bromic’s Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas Portable Heater is recognized as a true innovation in its market. It was even inducted into the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany!

Of course, these exceptional Bromic patio heaters are for more than mere display purposes. Performance and design are equally at their heart in elegantly extending the comfort of outdoor areas while enduring a range of conditions that can weather components, particularly when stored. 

This heater is a perfect addition to your patio making your fall or winter hot tub session more enjoyable.

Having won numerous awards worldwide for both Product Design and Technical Innovation, Bromic’s Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable Gas outdoor heaters ensure you enjoy the very best in heating performance.

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Portable Heater Dimensions & Weights

Length:   19.00"
Height:   85.00"
Depth:   27.00"
Burner Dimension:   180
Weight:   125.00 lbs


Heating Specifications

Fuel Source:   Liquid Propane
Ignition Type:   Electronic
Heat Rating (BTU):   39800 BTU/Hour


Product Details

Voltage Rating:   120 V
Material:   Stainless Steel
Front Clearance from Combustibles:   43"
Warranty:   12 Months


Ratings & Certifications

Safety System/Safety Control:   Push Button


Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable Propane Heater Features

Heat Output - The Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable delivers widespread heat, held up to 13ft wide and 16ft deep to provide coverage of up to 65ft².

Versatility - Ensure tailored, comfortable heat with Bromic’s unique and patented adjustable heat control.

Efficiency - Delivery of optimal heat with minimal heat loss is assured via high-intensity ceramic burners.

Wind Resistance - No matter how challenging the environment, the Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable is specifically designed and built to deliver constant, consistent heat.

Directional Heat - Warmth is directed exactly where you want it with Bromic’s innovative adjustable tilting head.

Modular Design - While powerful and stylish, the Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable is also functional and pragmatic in offering easy assembly, dismantling, and storage.

Maneuverability - The Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable offers easy mobility through its anti-tilt structural design and built-in wheels.

Suggested Accessories

Heater Head Cover - Protecting components from the elements, the Bromic Heating Heater Head Cover simply and effectively weatherproofs the head of the Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable gas heater. This genuine cover is easy to fit and secured with a drawstring, providing an effective storage solution that extends the life of an already exceptionally durable heater when it is not in use.


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