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Sauna Gear 301

SaunaLife Waterproof Sauna Barrel Electrical Enclosure Sauna Gear 301

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Protect your Sauna’s electrical equipment from the elements with this rugged watertight enclosure. The SaunaGear 301 electrical enclosure will protect all your sauna’s electrical components from inclement weather. Made from ultra-strong UV-stabilized polycarbonate to last a lifetime, the SaunaGear 301 has an IP67 rating for wet use. A hinged door featuring a continuous gasket for a tight seal allows for easy access for servicing. External dimensions 20.87"L x 28.74"W x 7.28"D 

SaunaLife was founded by a group of enthusiasts who are passionate about sauna and are committed to sharing their knowledge of its life-changing benefits, who dedicated themselves to growing awareness of sauna bathing in America.

Recognizing the high costs of home sauna construction, SaunaLife turned to the birthplace of sauna to uncover Scandinavian materials, designs, and construction techniques to create sauna spaces in the essence of the “Nordic way”.

SaunaLife DIY indoor and outdoor saunas are constructed with beautiful woods from Northern Europe and embody the Scandinavian passion for sauna heritage and craft. Our wooden materials are sustainably sourced, more durable, and lower in price. Our tireless efforts have significantly reduced construction time and costs, while improving quality.

SaunaLife invites you to reach out and learn more about how you can Live the SaunaLife!

  • IP67 Rated
  • UV Stabilized Polycarbonate
  • Continuous gasket
  • Opaque Hinged Access Door
  • Stainless Steel latches
  • Exterior product length/width: 20.87"L
  • Exterior product width/depth: 28.74"W
  • Exterior product height: 7.28"D

Package Includes

  • Enclosure
  • Internal Mounting Panel
  • Enclosure Mounting Feet
Model Sauna Gear 301
Material UV Stabilized Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel Latches
External Dimensions 15.75"L x 23.62"W x 7.09"D
Internal Dimensions 15.63"L x 23.50"W x 6.97"D
Rating IP67

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