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Giving Back

One of the founding principles behind Vital Hydrotherapy Inc is to utilize our business to finance good works by some of our favorite charities.

The Moses Project is one of Mission UpReach's many projects and efforts to improve the lives of those living in the poorest regions of western Honduras.

Since at Vital Hydrotherapy we are all about products involving water we thought it fitting to connect with the water drilling efforts at the Moses Project.

clean water flowing out of pipes

Western Honduras is in what they call The Dry Corridor. Mission UpReach helps local communities with accessing more water by using their well drilling rig. They have drilled 9 wells thus far some as deep as 800 feet while having to penetrate rock for the entire depth.

Every purchase from Vital Hydrotherapy supports small business and also in turn helps support Mission UpReach and the Moses Project in their efforts to help the people of Honduras.  Mission UpReach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  We encourage you to consider supporting them as an individual as well!