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“It´s like a sauna in here”, says Kramer in this classic Seinfeld episode where the three good friends are sweating profusely in a public sauna. This scene represents the modern expression of an ancient humankind practice dating from over 2000 years BC, used over the years for cleaning, warming winters, health purposes, mystic reasons, social gatherings, and relaxation. Nowadays there are two different sauna techniques:

  1. TRADITIONAL SAUNA: Pretty much like the Seinfeld scene, where the sauna room is heated using either a wood burning stove or electric heater, until it reaches a target temperature of  140oF-189o Bathers stay for 15-20 minutes there. It might be a dry bath (15-30% humidity) or utilize higher humidity in a steam bath where bathers pour water over hot stones to change the humidity.
  2. INFRARED SAUNA: A newer technique that provides similar results but using the infrared spectrum to heat the body directly, at a lower ambient temperature so the user can enjoy for longer sessions up to 45 minutes. It´s a different experience with its own benefits.



Health Benefits of the Traditional Sauna:


Both sauna techniques help  with stress release, cleaning the superior respiratory path, sore muscles, aching joints, rheumatic arthrosis, cardiovascular and peripheral arterial conditions. They also help to reduce systemic inflammation, recovery from the common cold, and promote detoxification. However, a Traditional Sauna presents two major draws:

  1. Studies show it helps protect against Alzheimer's disease.
  2. The unbeatable quality a Traditional Sauna has that an Infrared can't provide: the pleasant steaming ritual of pouring water over the hot stones. The relaxation of a hot steamy room while gathering with your loved ones, family, or friends is a social ritual from the beginning to the end. 



Costs of the Traditional Sauna:


Price of traditional sauna units vary with design complexity and size.  There is typically an additional cost to the unit compared with Infrared due to the power requirements to provide the high heat, but the benefits are worth it for a true home sauna experience.  Shop our site to compare prices between Traditional, Infrared, and Hybrid saunas.  We offer a variety of brands and include models for Indoor and Outdoor use.



What is the Traditional Sauna Process?


  1. Preheating: a confined space is heated using a wood-burning stove, stones, or a gas/electric generator until it reaches the target temperature (between 140o to 189o F). It might take around 30 minutes to reach, creating the desired heat chamber. 
  2. Sauna Bath: Bathers enjoy the heat, typically for 15 minutes.  Users may pour water on the heated stones to increase the humidity.  Many consider this a very pleasant experience.
  3. Cool down: Time to cool the body and complete the sauna experience. Many users enjoy a cool-water shower or plunge into a cold pool.  In some countries, rolling in the snow post sauna is a common practice. 

Which options do you like best in a sauna? Let us know in the comments.

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