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Mr.Steam CT Day Spa Package 6kW CT Steam Generator, iTempo Plus, Aroma Steamhead, CT Steam Stop, Autoflush with Pan CT6EC1-PC

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The Mr.Steam CT6E Commercial Steam Shower Generator Package is designed for daily use in day spa steam rooms with dimensions up to 107 adjusted cubic feet (ACF). You get everything you need to create the perfect steam experience with the combination of a 6kW Generator, iTempoPlus Control, AromaSteam Steamhead, CT SteamStop Control, AutoFlush System, and a Condensation Pan. The result is a touchpoint experience that becomes memorable for your customers, venue, and management.

The Mr.Steam CT6E Commercial Steam Shower Generator Package is equipped with the latest technology, perfect for any resort or day spa steam shower. The Express Steam features a built-in thermostat that maintains water temperature so your spa members can start steaming quickly.

You get everything you need to create the perfect steam experience with the combination of a 6kW Generator, iTempoPlus Control, AromaSteam Steamhead, CT SteamStop Control, AutoFlush System, and a Condensation Pan.

The iTempoPlus Control allows for control of important steam room functionality such as duration, temperature, and on/off. iTempo controls can be installed inside or outside of the room. It comes with a matching Aroma Designer Steamhead that disperses steam evenly and efficiently.

The CT SteamStop Control allows bathers to turn the generator on/off.

The AutoFlush Automatic Draining System automatically drains the generator tank to help prevent harmful calcification and to ensure the longevity of the unit.

The CT6E day spa generator is available in 240V single-phase (1PH) configurations.

With a water usage of 0.8 gallons during a 20-minute steam bath session, this day spa generator makes it both eco-conscious and economical.

The Mr.Steam CT day spa generators carry a limited lifetime warranty and are fully serviceable. All Mr.Steam commercial steam shower units are designed, engineered, and assembled in America.


CT Day Spa 6kW Generator

  • Industrial grade and serviceable heating element
  • Unitized stainless steel reservoir
  • Durable electronic components
  • Round mini-DIN control connections
  • Electronic water-level system
  • Express steam is a built-in thermostat that maintains water temperature to start steaming more quickly
  • MSTS temperature sensor allows for temperature adjustment from remote control location
  • Low voltage safety control circuits
  • Built-in 24V circuits
  • ASME safety valve and full port drain valve
  • UL/cUL listed

iTempoPlus Control 

  • Provides control of the steamroom by the owner/operator from outside the steamroom
  • Programmable temperature and time settings allow the owner/operator to customize and enhance the steam bathing experience for each bather
  • Standard with digital display and ergonomic soft-touch keypad with Chroma, Aroma, and programmable memory settings
  • Quick-responding temperature sensor maintains temperature within the steamroom
  • Solid brass cover for durable finish and quality
  • Digital readout display
  • Preset 60-minute time cycle
  • On/Off and pause modes
  • Soft touch keypad
  • Inside or outside the steam/shower enclosure installation
  • Low voltage operation
  • Displays troubleshooting codes
  • Square design
  • Polished Chrome finish

AromaSteam Steamhead

  • Designed to maintain cooler surface temperatures with improved steam flow and quieter infusion of aromatic oil into the steam for an enhanced steam room experience
  • Solid brass for superior performance and finish
  • Quieter operation
  • Low profile and sleek design

CT SteamStop Control

  • On/Off operation
  • Low profile
  • Inside the steam/shower enclosure installation
  • Low voltage operation
  • Polished Chrome Trim finish

AutoFlush System

  • Automatically and electronically drains generator after use and refills tank with fresh water for "Clean Steam...Every time!"
  • Improves performance and lengthens system life
  • Efficiently removes accumulated sediment
  • Simple plug-and-play connection
  • Full 1" port design
  • 24V AC motorized actuation, 50/60 Hz, 6.5 Watts, Class 2
  • Two position, normally open
  • Brass valve body with 1/2" NPT connections
  • 2-pin integral electrical lead with "plug-in" electrical connection
  • Gravity drain

Condensation Pan

  • Galvanized sheet metal construction
  • Integral 3/4" drain copper fitting

Package Includes

  • CT Day Spa 6kW Generator
  • iTempoPlus Control in Polished Chrome (Standard)
  • Aroma Designer Steamhead in Polished Chrome (Standard)
  • CT SteamStop On/Off Control (Chrome Trim Only)
  • AutoFlush System
  • Condensation Pan
  • Express Steam (Factory Installed)
  • MSTS In-Room Temperature Sensor, 30' Long
  • Mini-DIN Control Cable, 30' Long
  • 3-Pin Control Cable, 30' Long
  • RTV Silicone Sealant, .5 oz Tube
  • Installation and Operation Manual
  • UL/cUL Listed and CE Approved
  • Limited Warranty
    Model CT6EC1-PC
    Kilowatt Rating 6kW
    Minimum Adjusted Cubic Feet 40
    Maximum Adjusted Cubic Feet 107
    Water Supply Connection 3/8" NPT
    Generator Steam Line Connection 1/2" NPT
    Steam Head Connection 1/2" NPT
    Drain Connection 1" NPT
    Safety Relief Valve Connection 3/4" NPT
    Safety Relief Valve PSIG 15 PSIG
    Length 17"
    Depth 7 7/8"
    Height 18 1/2"
    Shipping Weight 60 lbs
    iTempoPlus Control
    Length 4 1/2"
    Depth 1 1/4"
    Height 5"
    AromaSteam Steamhead
    Length 3"
    Depth 7/8"
    Height 2 3/4"
    CT SteamStop Control
    Diameter 1 1/2"
    Depth 1 7/8"
    AutoFlush System
    Length 6 3/8"
    Depth 2 3/8"
    Height 6 3/8"
    Condensation Pan
    Length 9"
    Depth 1 1/2"
    Height 25"

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