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Mr. Steam Chakra Aroma Oil in 10 mL Bottle MS Chakra - 1040

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Mr.Steam has carefully created these Chakra blend essential aroma oils that combine with luxurious steam presenting invigorating scents all throughout your steam shower or steam bath enclosure.

These exquisite aroma selections introduce a refreshing sense of complete aromatherapy to transform your steam room into an aroma bath.

The Mr.Steam Chakra Blend Essential Aroma Oils are intended to support the body’s specific needs and work in harmony with the color settings of the Mr.Steam ChromaSteam mood light fixture. Made from organic plant and flower extracts, each aromatic blend is created to leave you rested, rejuvenated, and relaxed. These scents and their specified purposes include:

  • Red Vitality: Feeling a bit sluggish? This essence may help you feel invigorated.
  • Energy Orange: Are you feeling inhibited? Introduce this essence into the steam bath for a motivating experience that may help lessen sexual inhibitions.
  • Yellow Awakening: Having difficulty staying focused? Releasing this essence into the steam room may help improve memory and concentrations.
  • Green Harmony: Feeling stressed out? This essence may help to reduce stress and restore a sense of balance.
  • Celestial Blue: Feeling nervous about a presentation? Introduce this essence into the steam bath for a boost of inner peace and self-expression.
  • Mystic Indigo: Having a creative block? Infusing the steam with this essence may help enhance your creative intuition.
  • Violet Nirvana: Looking for a way to unwind? Bringing in this essence may help calm your agitated nerves.

Should Mr.Steam Essential Aroma Oils interest you, consider the savings offered in their Chakra Oil 7-pack or Essential Oil 5-pack. These sets include all Mr.Steam Chakra and Essential Oils to fully explore the Mr.Steam steam shower experience.

For an automated aromatherapy steam bath experience, consider the Mr.Steam AromaSteam Essential Oil Delivery System which automatically infuses your favorite aroma into the steam line for the ultimate Mr.Steam aromatherapy experience.


    • Formulated to work in harmony with the ChromaSteam® system's color settings
    • Made from organic plant and flower extracts
    • For use with towel warmer and steam head wells
    • Available in Red Vitality, Energy Orange, Yellow Awakening, Green Harmony, Celestial Blue, Mystic Indigo, and Violet Nirvana

    Package Includes

    • 10 mL Glass bottle
    • Dropper-type dispenser
    Model MS Chakra
    Available aromas Red Vitality, Energy Orange, Yellow Awakening, Green Harmony, Celestial Blue, Mystic Indigo, and Violet Nirvana
    Product dimensions 1"L x 1"W x 2.7"H
    Shipping dimensions
    Length 2"
    Width 2"
    Height 3.7"
    Shipping Weight 1.1 lbs
    Fluid Ounces 0.34

    See manual and aroma oils data sheet.
    See planning guide, benefits brochure and steam benefits brochure.
    See warranty.

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