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Enlighten Sauna Power Information

120V Enlighten Saunas (two or three person models and some 4C models) require a dedicated 20 amp outlet.  Look for the T shaped outlet that will accept the horizontal prong.  If necessary, you can hire an electrician to convert or add a dedicated outlet for your sauna.

Enlighten Sauna 20 amp plug image depicting one prong is horizontal

Power Usage/AMPS

Wattage:                                       2350 w

Voltage:                                       110/120 Volt

Near/Mid IR Wavelengths:         0 to 5

Far IR Wavelengths:                    6 to 12


Four or five person Enlighten Saunas are 240V.  If necessary, you can hire an electrician to add a 240V outlet to your home for your sauna.

Enlighten Sauna 240V plug

Power Usage/AMPS

Wattage:                                                2650w

Voltage:                                            220/240 V

Near/Mid IR Wavelengths:                      0 to 5

 Far IR Wavelengths:                            6 to 12

Amperage:                                            20 Amp

 Plug:                                            NEMA 6-20p