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Bimini Hydrotherapy F.A.Q.

What are Ultra-fine Oxygen Nanobubbles?

These are bubbles that are less than 100 nm (0.1 micron) in size. The bubbles do not off gas and stay suspended in water for many days.

  • How does the Bimini NanoJet generate Ultra-fine Oxygen Nanobbubles?
  • The NanoJet circulates water from an existing body of water (bathtubs, spas, and small pools) and introduces 95% + pure oxygen into our patented device that breaks down the oxygen Macro bubbles into Ultra-Fine Oxygen Nanobubbles suspended in water.
  • What are the benefits of increasing oxygen in the body?
  • There are hundreds of medical papers on the benefits of how important increasing oxygen is for cellular regeneration. Beyond removing Hypoxia, the benefits range from repairing soft tissue injuries and removing inflammation to anti-aging properties of extending telomere lengths.
  • Can I use in my bathtub or hot tub?
  • Yes! The NanoJet ECO is made for single tubs and the NanoJet Pro is made for larger bodies of water like 4-5 man hot tubs
  • What’s the recommended treatment times?
  • 30-45 minutes for basic recovery and maintenance. 45-60 mins if there is an injury present.
  • What Temperature is best for treatments?
  • Whichever is most comfortable for you to sit in the water for 30-45 mins. There are some individuals that prefer the water be at room temperature and others that prefer 98 degrees. The oxygen flows through the skin and into the body at temperatures from 78 – 100 degrees. We do not recommend sitting in for 30+ minutes in extremely cold or hot water as this could cause negative side effects like hyperthermia or dehydration.
  • What’s the benefit of this NanoJet oxygen treatment vs breathing in oxygen through a respirator?
  • Bimini NanoJet sessions delivers oxygen through the skin and directly to the smooth muscle tissues. Instead of over pressurizing the lungs to increase oxygen to the extremities, you are able to deliver oxygen to where the body needs it most.
  • How does this differ from Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)?
  • Unlike HBOT, which uses a pressurized chamber to increase oxygen in the lungs and tissue, a Bimini delivers oxygen into the body as you sit in a comfortable body of water. By simply using the osmotic pressure of water, the oxygen ultra-fine nanobubbles easily flow through the skin into the soft tissue. A Bimini treatment time is 30-50 mins vs 60-90 mins in HBOT.
  • Over Oxygenation
  • Too much of anything can be harmful to the body. A study was performed by the armed forces and published in the National Library of Medicine stating that 100% oxygen can be tolerated for 24-48 hours without any serious tissue damage. By simply using the low pressure of water as our transport medium trans dermally, Bimini NanoJet treatments of water saturated at 28 ppm with 95% Ultra-fine Oxygen Nanobubbles consisting of 1-hour or less are a safe treatment with little to no risk.