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Steam showers and saunas are slightly similar in that they both involve sitting in heat as a form of wellness and/or recovery. However, saunas use dry heat (with an option to add some humidity) while steam showers are ALL about humid heat. The humidity of steam showers can have additional health and wellness benefits.

Steam Shower Benefits

Continue reading for 6 benefits of a good steam shower.

#1) Improves Circulation & Lowers Blood Pressure

The humid heat of a steam shower can improve circulation by dilating the small blood vessels, which allows blood to flow more easily. This can effectively lower blood pressure and increase the flow of oxygen throughout the body.

#2) Better Skin Health

Steam is great for your skin! Steam opens your pores. Dead skin cells, bacteria, and oil can get trapped in the top layers of your skin and create pimples and blackheads. Opening your pores allows your skin to be cleansed of this build-up, reducing the occurrence of blemishes.

It’s also a great treatment before shaving, as softening the skin can reduce razor burn.

Shop Steam Showers

Shop Steam Showers

#3) Workout Recovery

Similar to the way a steam shower treatment can improve circulation, it is also a great way to recover after a workout. Metabolic waste causes muscle soreness. The increased blood-flow that is encouraged during a nice steam helps to remove this metabolic waste, which lets you recover faster.

#4) Loosens Stiff Joints

Use your steam shower pre-workout to loosen up and increase flexibility just like a typical warmup.

#5) Reduces Stress & Increases Relaxation

Steam showers are just so relaxing! Many people claim that consistent use of their steam shower leads to better sleep due to reduced stress. Relaxing in steam can cause the body to release endorphins, creating an overall “feel-good” effect. A good steam can also decrease cortisol levels allowing you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

#6) Opens Up Sinuses & Clears Congestion

It is well-known that steam loosens mucus and phlegm. This opens up your sinuses, providing sweet relief from sinus congestion. Which is especially useful during allergy season!

Steam showers can be used to open sinuses, treat colds, and overall aid in clear and deep breathing.

So, Is a Steam Shower Good for You?

Yes! Steam bathing has been around for thousands of years, and for thousands of years it has been beneficial to the mind, body, and soul.

Recover from workouts, sleep better, and clear your skin all with the power of steam. Steam showers are safe and beneficial for almost every age and medical condition.

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How Often Should You Steam Shower

When you first begin steam bathing, it is recommended that you limit it to 20-minutes, once per week. Do this until your own sensitivities and preferences become clear. Some people may enjoy their steam shower every day while others never want to go beyond once per week. However many times per week you indulge, it is recommended that you do not spend more than 20-minutes at a time in your steam shower.