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Which is the Best Freestanding Tub: Clawfoot vs Pedestal Tubs

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Which Freestanding Tub is the Best? Clawfoot vs Pedestal Tubs


Freestanding bathtubs are a premium choice for your bathroom that will add immediate distinction while making a statement. Since the tubs are freestanding you can place them anywhere you can install a water line and drain.  Floor mounted or wall mounted tub fillers are available in a multitude of styles.

Freestanding Soaking Tubs are designed to create a pleasant and relaxing lounging spot, with an aesthetic that make them centerpieces of any room. However, as beautiful they are, they also take up space, making this a factor to consider when planning your bathroom renovation or the bathrooms in your new home. Another important factor to consider is the material: Copper, Cast Iron, Acrylic, Wood, Porcelain, or Resin are all interesting options with different pros and cons to think about

Freestanding Wooden Bathtubs are beautiful and their smell and appearance immediately brings a connection with Mother Nature. 


Wooden Bathtub

Another couple features to consider in freestanding bathtubs is whether the tub is single ended or double ended and whether the tub is a slipper tub.

    A single-ended slipper design has one internally sloped side designed for comfortable lounging, and the taps and drain are located on the opposite side.  Shop Slipper Tubs here.

    Slipper Style Bathtub

    A Double Ended Tubdesign has the taps and drains at the center, making space for two bathers depending on their size.


    Double Ended Bathtub


    A Double Slipper Tub combines the best of both the Slipper Style Tub and the Double Ended Tub.


    Double Slipper Tub

    Clawfoot Bathtubs are freestanding tubs supported by four feet. These nostalgic tubs don't go out of style and will always be a good, classic option to renew your bathroom.  With the clawfoot feet you have the ability to incorporate that pop of color into the mix.


    Pedestal or Skirted Bathtubs are also freestanding tubs that are raised from the floor using a plinth or pedestal instead of feet.


    One advantage Pedestal Tubs have over Clawfoot Tubs is the fact that cleaning is easier: no need to clean beneath the tub!  In addition there's not an exposed drain pipe.

    Most freestanding bathtubs are soaking only, but we even have a jetted clawfoot tub available.  A freestanding Jetted Bathtub offers the best of both worlds: the aesthetic you want with an invigorating  hydro-massage provided by powerful water jets, whose therapeutic effect has proved benefits for blood flood and aching joints


    Freestanding Clawfoot Whirlpool Tub

    At Vital Hydrotherapy we have all the options you might consider when doing a bath renovation or a home remodeling. If you want to add style to your bathroom, consider a freestanding bathtub.  You can't go wrong whether you select a Clawfoot or Pedestal model as the main difference is simple an aesthetic one!