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WOW Watersports Macho 3-Rider Towable Deck Tube 16-1030

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The Macho Combo from WOW is a new kind of deck tube. You can still ride the Macho Combo like a regular deck tube, lying down and holding on for dear life. But if all that holding on is too much work, you can sit down inside the Secure Cockpit Seating built into the Macho deck tube body. The design team at WOW figured out how to turn the basic one-dimensional deck tube into a multi-positional family fun mobile. Unlike the traditional deck tube which you can only lie down on, the Macho Combo tube allows you to lay, sit, or kneel. What we did was we added Secure Form-Fit seating right in the middle of the tube. Our Secure Form-Fit seating is constructed with an internal, heavy duty nylon harness to prevent the riders’ bottoms from hitting the water. On top of that we added a layer of UV-protection treated, heavy-duty, FLEX-SIT material to make the cockpit form fitting and ultra-comfortable. The Macho Combo Series is the perfect all in one action towable for the family with kids that want to sit inside a cockpit for a more secure ride and for those more adventurous ones that want to kneel or lie down on the deck and just hold on for dear life. Choose how you ride on the Macho Combo from WOW World of Watersports.


  • 1-3 rider deluxe combo deck tube 510lbs. 231kg. maximum capacity
  • WOW’s new SECURE FORM FIT COCKPIT SEATING gives riders the option to sit in the cockpit, lay on the deck, or kneel on the back edge. Riders can change their position mid-ride in seconds.
  • The new SECURE FORM FIT COCKPIT SEATING uses WOW’s UV treated FLEX-SIT material for a comfortable ride while laying, kneeling or sitting.
  • The FORM FIT cockpit includes a nylon harness to prevent the rider’s bottom from hitting the water.
  • Great family fun concept for young kids who want to sit inside a cockpit for a more secure ride and for those older kids that want to kneel or lie down on the deck and just hold on for dear life. The Macho Combo design allows everyone to change their ride in seconds.
  • WOW’s new HI-VIS color brand edition keeps the tube and riders highly visible on the water
  • 12 Double webbing foam handles for multiple riding positions
  • Full nylon cover with heavy duty secure zipper
  • Reinforced tow point
  • Heavy-Duty PVC Bladder
  • Zippered Valve Cover
  • Speed valve for fast inflation and deflation
  • 1 year warranty
  • HI-VIS Mega Size edition inflated 98 x 68 in 249 x 173 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Justin G.
Really good. Few pitfalls.

'If you are on the fence about this tube, buy it. This tube pulls great for the driver. It will get a some air lift for the riders. Loved the action it provides when going over wakes. Two thing for full transparency. It shows the riders kneeling and pulling up on the front of the tube. We have yet to be able to get any action reflected in photo. Lastly, WOW has done a great job of putting neoprene where the riders elbows and forearms rest on others tubes. This reduces the �tube burn� from the riders arms/elbows rubbing on the tube. Unfortunately this tube does not have that for the riders. All my riders had a heat rash or �tube burn� from the tube. Regardless, It�s still an awesome tube and worth the money for the fun had by all.''

Eileen S.
Great experience

'Correct item, arrived on time, great price''