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Enlighten Sauna Microsalt SaltProX Salt Therapy

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A brisk breeze blows in your face, water splashes at your feet. Your lips taste salty. A trip to the seaside in the salty air is good for you - not just for your soul, but also for your skin and airways.

Now you can experience the health benefits of salt at home, thanks to the Microsalt SaltProX. With a patent pending for its comminution technology, this clever Micronizer generates an ultra-fine, top-quality salt aerosol that is distributed evenly throughout a sauna or infrared heat cabin so long as the air inside is dry enough (less than 40% relative humidity).

The individual salt crystals rub against each other, a process which mills them very finely and gives them a negative charge (tribo-electrical effect). The resulting ionization of the individual salt particles encourages ”floating”, i.e. dispersal. The negatively charged salt particles also clean the air. When you take a breath, these fine salt particles - unlike with conventional salt applications - are distributed throughout the entire respiratory system, through the nose into the sinuses, into the throat and deep inside the lungs, where they have an expectorant effect. The purpose of the Microsalt SaltProX is to deep-clean the airways, while also cleansing and revitalizing the skin. Regular inhalation can strengthen the immune system.

The salt supplied by KLAFS for the Microsalt application has over 99% sodium chloride, which is the highest naturally occurring degree of purity.

Scope of supply

1. SaltProX including wall bracket
2. Salt dispenser with 50 salt sticks
3. Cleaning brush
4. Charger
5. Cleaning cloth
6. USB charging cable
7. Salt cup
8. Small tube with three grinding balls
9. Fastening screws for wall bracket
10. SaltProX operating instructions
11. Microsalt background information

How the Micronizer works
The Microsalt SaltProX is a Micronizer for the atomization of salt crystals. The resulting dry salt aerosol reaches the lungs and airways and is suitable, as described above, for treating the airways by means of inhalation.

Salt supplied by KLAFS is used for the application in the form of portioned salt sticks. Thanks to the special comminution technology, the mist particles are free from sharp-edged structures and thus do not irritate the throat, eyes or mucous membranes. The salt mist, made up of tiny salt particles, spreads into the environment directly around the SaltProX and gradually fills the room.

Ideally, the SaltProX should be used in a preheated sauna cabin (temperature range 30-50 °C) or infrared heat cabin. In confined spaces up to 15 cubic metersin size, it can achieve the ideal salt mist concentration (approx. 10 mg salt per cubic metercapacity) in a short period of time. The concentration of the salt quantity is dependent on the size of the space.

Intended use
The SaltProX is intended exclusively for dry salt inhalation. Any other use is not considered to be in accordance with the terms of intended use. The manufacturer/supplier is not liable for any consequential damage. The user alone incurs this risk. Only KLAFS salt can be used for salt inhalation.

Intended use also includes compliance with the installation, operation and maintenance instructions prescribed by the manufacturer.

The SaltProX is designed to produce a sufficient salt concentration in a sauna or infrared heat cabin no bigger than 15 min size. The room temperature should be between 30 °C and 50 °C. The relative humidity must not exceed 40%.

Information about operation
During one hour of operation, the SaltProX distributes approximately 0.6 to 0.8 g of fine salt particles throughout the room. At over 40% relative humidity, this salt absorbs moisture and has a corrosive effect on metallic materials. Materials such as steel, metal or concrete and electronic devices can become damaged as a result and should not remain in close proximity to the SaltProX while it is in operation.

The amount of salt dust distributed is very low. We recommend regular dry dusting or vacuuming.

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